Hokkai Kitchen  combines the traditional Japanese cuisine with the rough harbour of IJmuiden. In IJmuiden we are surrounded by fish and we can make endless combinations with whatever the sea serves us. From here we deliver fish products to Japanese expats in all over Europe. Our critical customers have always helped us to push the bar higher and higher.

Marinus Noordenbos

A word from the owner...

A food culture is something in which you can take pride. It is a reflection of your origin. It makes you think of your childhood and specific dishes spark specific memories. We do not have to travel far to find cultures that speak proudly of their national cuisine. Take for example Italy or Spain, where you can really feel that food is almost thought of as an art form. I got my passion for food a bit further from home. At the age of 18, I was lucky enough to go to Japan. This was a truly an amazing experience, as I spend 6 days a week, 15 hours a day producing food. And that in its purest form, namely, piles of fish, half frozen, hard, cold and with sharp spines. Moreover, I could totally focus on myself as I was not able to communicate with anyone for the first six months. (Not so much because they did not want to, but they simply did not understand a word of English). In the beginning, I wondered how one could develop such a passion for a product like the one that went through my hands all day: horse mackerel. Yet, it did happen: the smell, the color, the fat content, the texture, the form, and eventually…. after a long working day, the taste. Fish is so multifaceted and horse mackerel might be the most refined one of all. I welcome you to try our traditional ‘Aji no hiraki’, to see for yourself. 

Mission and Vision

Our goal is to get recognition from the Japanese emperor in 2030! With Hokkai we want to spread the Japanese foodculture far beyond the borders of Japan itself. Their foodculture is so refined and has so much to offer, that we cannot stop talking about it. Our products are all freshly frozen, so that we can work with the best ingredients all year round. In Japanese cuisine, the quality of ingredients is of utmost importance. We believe that this quality is exactly what we can offer to our customers. If the emperor one day acknowledges our effort of introducing Japanese food to other cultures, our mission will be accomplished!  

High quality ingredients

It starts with the fish. We import our fish  from all over the world, which we then screen on freshness, fat content and taste. Other ingredients like, rice, nori, and soy sauce are also selected with great care. In a dish as ‘simple’ as sushi, every ingredient must be sumblime. 

Japanese cooking techniques

We use a variety of Japanese cooking techniques to get the best out of our beautiful products. Cooking the perfect rice and slicing the perfect sashimi are of course part of that. But also,  the use of Japanese cooking utensils like knifes and pans. 

Authentic recipes

All the products we serve in our restaurant are based on traditional Japanese recipes. Because the Japanese cuisine is so big, this is a continuous learning process. Therefore, our chefs often go back to Japan to be inspired by both old and new recipes.  


We are proud of how Europe is stabilizing the fishery stands. In this regard we are international heralds. For both farmed fish and wild fish, we only use products of which we are certain that we can continue to offer them in the future.