Our menu

Originally, we are a company that produces Japanese fish products for (mainly Japanese) expats throughout Europe. We have been doing this for thirty years. Owner Marinus Noordenbos is a fish trader, who knows exactly how, where and especially when to buy the most beautiful products. Throughout the years, we have acquired the expertise to put various dishes on our menu of the highest attainable quality. We are one of the few companies in the Netherlands that can buy and process a whole tuna ourselves. Because there is no middleman, we know exactly how to serve the tuna in the best and most delicious way in the restaurant. We also process typical Japanese fish such as horse mackerel and black cod to make Japanese Yakimono (grilled) dishes. 

North sea fish

On our menu you’ll find all the sushi classics. Salmon, tuna, eel and scallop for example; and all of the highest quality. But because we are located in the middle of the port of IJmuiden, the epicenter of fish from the North Sea, we have access to the finest, freshest fish in the Netherlands. Fish is laid out for us throughout the harbor every day. Chef Kuniyoshi Ohtawara personally selects the most beautiful products to for his sashimi and sushi. Various flatfish, horse mackerel, whiting, sea bass, red gurnard, mullet and squid; all great fish species that we work with throughout the year. In the Netherlands these species are often ignored, quite wrongfully so.