We have stopped our take-away service

Dear Guests,

Many of our regular guests have already noticed, we have been doing less and less take away. And after much deliberation, now is the time to completely change course. For years we have focused on preparing the very best sushi for home and we had a huge menu with many different varieties. Recently, our restaurant was getting busier and busier, and we noticed that if we did nothing, the quality of one branch would come at the expense of the quality of the other.

At the same time, our guests came to the restaurant less and less for our general menu, but rather for special dishes and specials that cannot be found anywhere else. By stopping take away now, we can invest even more energy, passion and creativity in the restaurant. The ambition to grow further to the next level is thus given the desired space.
From now on our focus lies entirely on our restaurant, but the store and our Hokkai fresh frozen products will of course remain available as usual. In addition, we hope to welcome you to our restaurant soon.

Even though we feel in every fiber of our being that we are on the right track with this decision, it also feels difficult not to be able to offer this service to all the regulars who regularly order from us.

Keep an eye on us, because the future is going to bring many wonderful things. (Maybe even some very cool take-away dishes for the summer season. Who knows…)

Tzudzuku! We’ll keep going!


Egmondstraat 2, 1976 BR IJmuiden
The Netherlands 
Tel: + 31 6 13 14 62 46


Open: Wednesday to Saturday
Lunch  12:00 – 15:00 / Dinner 17:00 – 21:00
Closed: Sunday to Tuesday



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