Yonetsuru Junmai 720 ml

Yonetsuru Junmai Ginjo, Japan, Yamagata,

+10 SMV, 1.2 Acidity, 65% Polish, 15% alc.

This saké fulfills the three major needs shared by regular lovers of Japanese saké: Junmai, Dry, and affordable prices. “Yonetsuru Extra dry Junmai” is a dry Junmai that is the pride of “Yonetsuru”. Though it is said to be difficult to craft a dry saké without the use of added alcohol or sugar, this genuine dry Junmai is achieved by aging a pure “moromi” paste until it has a clear, drinkable umami that gives you a sense of having a “real Junmai.” Alcohol content from “Dewakirari” Yamagata brewer’s rice, retains a full-bodied flavor despite its dryness, and carefully balances the umami flavor of rice with its sour notes. With its reserved emphasis on its well-balanced umami, the saké pairs well with a wide variety of dishes. In Takahata, the home of “Yonetsuru”, which is also where Yonezawa beef is made, the saké is commonly served due to the way it excellently complements meat-based dishes.

[About “Yonetsuru”]

The name “Yonetsuru” is derived from the bowing posture of ears of rice and the locally told tale “Crane’s Return of a Favor.” It incorporates a wish to create a sake that conveys a sense of gratitude and is imbued with sincerity. Under the concept of brewing that starts with rice-growing, this Japanese sake uses locally produced rice to offer a refreshing balance of scent, taste, and sharpness.

Oden (Japanese dish in which various items are served in thin soy soup), fried chicken, roast beef, butter-fried shellfish, fried crab, mapo tofu, happosai (Japanese dish similar to chop suey), fried dumplings.


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