Kizan Ginjo

Kizan, Junmai Ginjo, Japan, Nagano,

-15 SVM, +3 Acidity, 55% polish, 15% Alc. 

Chikuma Nishiki brewery is located in the centre of Nagano Prefecture, a perfect location for Sake brewing because of its naturally cold location amid some of Japan’s tallest mountain ranges. From crystal clear water, fresh cold mountain air and great rice, Nagano has the perfect requirements for

producing fantastic Sake. Chikuma Nishiki has a long brewing history dating back to 1681. The kura (brewery) is built around 4 wells sourced from the Chikuma River which provide soft water perfect for sake brewing. They also utilise the famous local rice called Miyama Nishiki for their Sake brewing

because of it’s large plump uniform grain and it’s ability to grow even in the extremely cold areas of Nagano. With an acidity three times the average Ginjo sake, this a Ginjo with body!


The high acidity creates a full, flavoured mouthfeel. Kizan Sanban is nama (unpasteurized) and genshu (undiluted) but is lower in alcohol than most genshu sake. In production the fermentation is stopped early to retain a high sugar content (thereby reducing the alcohol level), and this sugar

content combined with the refreshing acidity creates a smooth palate with an incredible aniseed/licorice character


This is a Nama Genshu (unpasteurized and undiluted) and a full-bodied,

aromatic ginjo-style style sake that drinks like a refreshing, complex white wine. Outspoken and fruity with a great acid balance. Heaps of apple/pear taste and aromas. Perfect for hot summer days!


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