Jozen Misuno Gotoshi 360ml

Jozen Mizuno, Sparkling sake, Japan, Niigata,

-8.0 SMV, +4.0 acidity, 60% polish, 11.5% alc.

The Sparkling Sake trend in Japan continues and is becoming more and more diverse: Jozen Mizuno Sparkling Sake, made from the Shirataki Sake Brewery, impresses with its fruity but at the same time not too sweet taste. Fruity notes of lychee and guava can be tasted as well as those of green apple.

Jozen Mizuno Sparkling Sake is produced by the Shirataki Sake Brewery in Echigo Yuzawa in Niigata Prefecture. The region is especially famous for its soft water, which is enriched with many minerals. This is certainly one reason why Jozen Mizuno tastes so balanced. Creamy on the nose and tasting of green apple, on the palate tasting of lychee and guava, this sparkling sake has a surprisingly dry finish. It is characterised by a successful balance between sweetness and acidity. Sparkling Sake is produced according to the traditional brewing method from water, rice and koj. The taste is very refreshing and light.

Mizuno Sparkling Sake is an ideal aperitif, but also goes well with lighter dishes or as an accompaniment to desserts.


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