Japanese food and ingredients supporters store

Dear Customers,

We are very proud to announce that Hokkai Suisan was selected by the Japanese government and decorated with the “Japanese food and ingredients supporters store” certificate.

We make it our mission to introduce the Japanese food culture in Europe. This certificate shows us that we are on the right track.

After the ceremony, we hosted the reception in the basement of the Okura Hotel. Our chef Ohtawara cooked for 35 distinguished guests and the press. The main items he used were Buri and Ma-dai from Japan. Two sustainably farm raised fish products, with magnificent taste.

Japan did not always have the best name in the world when talking about sustainability, but they are surely showing their willingness to do so with these products.

We fully support the mission of the Japanese government and believe that traditional Japanese food culture should be spread throughout the world. Our mission is to make it part of people’s daily menu. Being able to contribute to this endeavor feels like a big honor.

Therefore, from this day forward we proudly carry the title: “Japanese food and ingredients supporters store”

Marinus Noordenbos

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