Fish Sale Hokkai Kitchen

Fish Sale

This Saturday (04-07) between 11:00 and 14:00 we will organize a fish sale at Hokkai Kitchen. We give explanations about our products, you will have the ability to taste, and we have 10 % discount during these three hours. Come by and get to know our products at a reduced price! The entrance is next to our restaurant. We are looking forward to welcoming you

New Website

Apart from Hokkai Kitchen, Hokkai Suisan also has a new website. It’s a place where everyone can find the inspiration for cooking Japanese dishes. A beautiful platform from which we can introduce our products and from which everyone in Europe can order Japanese fish products. Make your own sushi with the real bluefin tuna, enjoy a nice barbecue with black cod in miso marinade, or prepare one of our ready-made meals. We provide various alternatives for whatever it is you are looking for. We ship our products every Monday with TNT using dry ice. This way the products are delivered ‘freshly frozen’. You can put them into your own fridge right away.

Click Here to check out the new site!

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